Drugs and particularly specialty drugs are incredibly less expensive in France than in the USA…

The chart below is derived from a study by Harvard Pilgrim Health Care of one of their health plans covering roughly 1.000.000 persons; we completed it with a price comparison between the US and France of the top 20 specialty drugs prescribed to  their plan participants.

A quick glance at the chart below says it all: drug prices in France are much lower than in the US, generating huge savings for the medical traveler and his employer.

Just some example to illustrate this:

Humira will cost $35,958 for 90 days in the US while only $5,644 in France : a difference of $30,314 which will result in roughly $25,000 net savings per quarter ($100,000 per year!), after covering for all travel and service costs.

A Hepatitis C 12 weeks cure with Harvoni, bought in France will cost $51,050 vs. $98,000 in the US, saving up to $47,950 in one single return trip to Paris!

For Tecfidera, the savings are about $80,000/year, for Neulasta $60,000, etc.

Who could afford to not take advantage of such a huge and easily available saving!


For the patient: As simple as a trip to Paris!

– Via our secured platform, the patient sends their 90 days prescription for the different medications (1)

– We transfer it to a French specialist in our network

– The doctor delivers the prescription for the French pharmacy

– The pharmacist prepares the drugs

– The patient, welcomed in Paris by a customer representative of the Care2care team, is driven to the pharmacy

– An optional tour of Paris can be offered at the patient’s convenience

– The patient is accompanied to the airport for his flight home.

No more need for the patient to fight this constant battle for life, including endless calls to the insurer’s pharmacy manager and the drug maker to beg for coupons and discounts.

(1) the above mentioned study shows that members taking specialty medications received between three and four specialty medication dispensings per month.

For the employer: a reliable, easy to implement, predictable, transparent solution!

– Specialty drugs are prescribed to only 2% of the workforce, but account for about 50% of the pharmacy cost

– In a group of 500 employees, this means roughly 10 persons to include in the discussion

– Our prices and all fees are transparent and known in advance: the core of our remuneration is based on your savings, not on the cost, so it’s a win-win situation for all parties

– No need to negotiate a complex specialty pharmacy plan

– No need to wait for next year to try to understand the often confusing final count of the PBM

– While cutting costs for the organization, you will also better protect your employees and their dependents’ most precious asset: their health

– Care2care will fully cooperate with your advisor and TPA from inception to open enrollment and employee meetings, to adapt the service to your specific needs.