By André Wencker, September 2019

In a previous 2018 article, based on a landmark study from the Health Care Cost Institute, we reported that health care spending is highly concentrated on a small number of people who account for the lion’s share of the health care cost in a given year.

“5% of the people account for more than 50% of the spending, and this share is growing year after year “Top-Spenders” had also high Out Of Pocket expenses. This group changes from year to year as some people experience serious illness and recover, but roughly 40% of that group, that HCCI called “Permanent Top-Spenders”, continue to experience high spending for extended periods.”

A new study published by the Kaiser Family Foundation in July 2019 sheds more light on these “Permanent Top Spenders”, whose health spending was in the top five percent in each of the three years (2015-2017) covered by the study.

Overall, these patients with persistently high spending represented only 1.3% of the continuously covered subgroup but accounted for nearly 20% of the total spending in the final year of the period studied (2017), averaging a whopping $88,000 per year!

The KFF team considered that “their extensive health care need and predictably high spending make them an important focus for any efforts to improve value and quality.”

A large proportion of these Permanent Top Spenders had claims in the first year pertaining to a limited set of diagnosis, all involving heavy medication supplies.

Prescription drugs account for about 40% of this group’s costs, compared with below 10% for the country as a whole.

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