The French Healthcare system is Open to Everyone, regardless of country of residence

France implemented a healthcare insurance system open to all French citizens and legal residents, guaranteeing access to care for all, with low copay or even no copay for expensive hospital care.

Processes have been progressively put into place to provide universal coverage from both basic and complementary insurances, the latter covering the part of care that is considered more cosmetic than vital, such as dental prosthesis or the portion of specialists’ fees above a minimum standard.

Refusal of care for critical needs is minimal (inpatient hospitalization comes to mind).

This healthcare system is open to anyone coming to France, conditioned to them being direct payers of care. Considering the high quality of the system, thousands of patients come to seek treatments in France every year.

Realizing that the healthcare industry was having a significant impact on the economy, the French government launched a global offer under the umbrella name “French Healthcare” that healthcare organizations can adhere to at will.

As a reminder, a visa is not required for US citizens to travel to France to receive their treatment.