Our Drug mail order program for employers

Care2Care provides employers with huge savings for their employees. Up to 70% on specialty drugs

Saving cost

Save up to 70% on prescription drugs!

We work with self insured employers and their Workforce. 

healthcare plan

Offer a new volontary benefit to your employees

Individuals and Medicare participants can as well easily benefit. 


Increase employees engagement

Some rare medicine need a trip to Paris to get a prescription. 


Discover our drug mail-order program

Offer your employees the best possible healtcare


  • Secure workflow
  • Predictable price
  • Real medicine from real farmacy
  • Advice and support


  • Voluntary option, that can be introduced to the contract throughout the year
  • Customized communication with employee
  • Transparent partner integration
  • It’s a voluntary option that can be introduced to the contract throughout the year, employees are free to use it or not

Benefits for employees

  • Enabling access to their treatments
  • High quality medicines
    Skipping Copay,
  • Deductible or any Out-of-pocket

Design and improve

  • Analysis of available data on anonymized claims
  • Design of the formulary in conjunction with the employer
  • Implementation of voluntary program
    Monitoring of the program
Focus on

high cost claimants in specialty medicines

After years of steep price increases since Obama Care was put in place. Drugs costs amount now to a fourth of the total average spending in a Healthplan.

More than half of theses costs are concentrated on less than 5% if the Insured, and the tally is increasing.

Among these Top Spenders, Permanent Top Spenders (2%of the global population) are exposing very high costs on drug prescriptions

At $74,045, the Persistent top-spenders show an average spending 40% higher than the New comers. Their pharmacy spending is 4 times higher.

We propose you to concentrate your efforts on this population, since they are also exposed to high OOP, they sometimes can’t afford.

As the HCCI underscored in its study, it’s striking to compare this data whit the reality of a 2016 Federal Reserve Board survey uncovered: 44% of respondents declared they could not afford a surprise 400$ medical bill…

If you propose your permanent Top Spenders to skip Copays and OOP, you will make your program a win-win solution…

About mail-order drugs


We are here to help you 7 days a week and respond within 24 hours. Plus, you can find most answers to your questions right on this page.

Specialty drugs are far more affordable outside the US. Once the best fitted formulary is designed in conjunction with the employer based on pharmacy claims history, the employees can order their drugs via our patient portal.

The order will be reviewed by a Doctor, to ensure there is no medical problem. One of our qualified pharmacist partners will then dispense the medications and ship them via express mail directly to the patient who will receive them within a couple of weeks.

Products are exactly the same since many medicines sold in the US are in fact produced outside of the U.S.)

The maximum authorized by US regulations on personal drugs importation programs.). Restrictions may apply

Savings delivered are huge: around 70% on the average formulary, often much more for some very specific Specialty drugs!

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