Enrolling in our mail-order program will provide you with following benefits :
  • No copay
  • Same high-quality prescription brand medications
  • All prescription medications offered on the program are sourced through licensed pharmacies in Tier-1 countries (as defined by the US congress)
  • These medications will be timely delivered to your mailbox,
  • Up to a 90-day supply (the maximum authorized by US regulations on personal drugs importation programs.). Restrictions may apply
  • Optional automatic refill offered by our pharmacy partners to ensure an uninterrupted supply of medication year round.
We work with licensed pharmacy partners in Canada and Tier-1 countries who will send you brand name medications in their original manufacturers packaging. Underneath you will find the pathway
What’s a Mail Order Program ?

What is a Mail Order Program and why use it?

Specialty drugs are far more affordable outside the US. (Products are exactly the same since most medicines sold in the US are in fact produced outside of the U.S.). Defining with the employer the best fitted formulary, we allow the employees to order their drugs via our website.

The order will be reviewed by a Doctor, to ensure there is no medical problem. One of our qualified pharmacist partner will then deliver the medicines the patient needs; the pharmacist will send them via mail order and the patient will receive them in his mailbox within a fortnight.