“Between 2011 and 2016, 86% of the fully insured healthplans saw their revenue grow by 65% while margins shrinked by 55%”

2017 Deloitte survey

These reductions of margins are mostly due to the steadily growing cost of care.

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On the supply side, the American healthcare landscape is thriving and diverse

A recent survey conducted by DELOITTE on fully insured health plans, shows very instructive numbers:

For the 205 responding entities (on a total of 238), revenue grew by a substantial 65% between 2011 and 2016 while the underwriting margin shrunk by 55% (3.5 to 1.6%) during the same period!

Among these 205 health plans, the 3 largest are, to say it bluntly, faring very well, representing 84% of the underwriting margins, while only accounting for 34% of the revenues.

92 health plans are reporting losses, many of which not for profit players -representing a total $425 b in 2016 revenues for only $3.2 b underwriting gains, about 0.8%.

And yet, insurance premiums are increasing more than wages and consumer price index, due to steadily growing cost of care.

Many insurers are hence trying to resolve two conflicting issues simultaneously: restoring their margins while staying competitive in the market.

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