To provide the best fitted treatment for you, and get the most precise and usable medical opinion you deserve, we need a complete medical file, with the relevant documents your doctor and other health professionals provided to you.

To start using the portal

  1. Create an account with email address and password (8 characters, including at least one uppercase letter and one number)
  2. Check the box to agree to our terms of service
  3. Complete the form and registration process
  4. Upload your medical records. This can be done in different steps.

The service accessible through this web platform is based on the collection and processing of your personal health and administrative information. In application of the French law, (78-17, January 6, 1978) that regulates the processing of personal information and protects individual privacy, your express and informed consent has been recorded with regards to the collection and processing of your personal health information, that are acknowledged as sensitive data particularly when meant to be utilized for medical purposes. This is why your records are hosted by a certified hosting company (as defined by art. L.1111-8 of the French Code of Public Health), and why your express consent was required.

What’s a Mail Order Program ?

What is a Mail Order Program and why use it?

Specialty drugs are far more affordable outside the US. (Products are exactly the same since most medicines sold in the US are in fact produced outside of the U.S.). Defining with the employer the best fitted formulary, we allow the employees to order their drugs via our website.

The order will be reviewed by a Doctor, to ensure there is no medical problem. One of our qualified pharmacist partner will then deliver the medicines the patient needs; the pharmacist will send them via mail order and the patient will receive them in his mailbox within a fortnight.