As technical advisers to your clients, you have an important role to play 

You are constantly looking for new solutions to stay competitive: our service will allow your clients to make huge savings on drugs and medical treatments, while giving your workforce access to the care they need, concentrating the effort on “Top Spenders”: 5% of the employees, representing over 50% of the costs.

Our representative in the US will be happy to explain it to you and see how to adapt it to your offer!

Care2Care Medical Travel
Affordable, quality health care for everyone

Our solution

You can play a key role in helping your clients address a piece of the cost problem by systematically targeting the most significant part of the equation: high surgery costs of the few top spenders representing over 50% of the total claims.

Selection of top ranked hospitals and clinics in France

Access a valuable second medical opinion in different medical specialties in a choice of different facilities,

Secure workflow

Via a secure workflow your clients (or their employees) can obtain a medical quotation guarantying a set price for a specific procedure

Full chaperoning

Full chaperoning and an all-in-one concierge service to organize travel and stay in France, return to home, including potential follow-up

Designing together the best solution for your clients

The below shema describes our proposal ; it can be adapted to your needs.

Analysis of available statistics on anonimysed claims

  • Selection of conditions treatable using Medical Travel (such as Heart bypass, Heart-valve, Angioplasty, Hip replacement, Knee replacement)
  • A technical and economic analysis to show the benefits of the interested parties: management, employees, service providers
  • Analysis of the potential additional savings on drugs the patient could buy during their stay in France, where medication is much less costly than in the United States

Design of incentive program to support and enhance attractiveness of the Medical Travel solution

  • Waive copays and deductibles, through HSA account or other
  • Cover cost of travel for employee + companion
  • Bonus of x% of the resulting savings up to cap in $
  • … more to be uncovered as we progress, working together with you and your clients.

Analysis of results and potential corrective mesures

  • Design of services for integration into Healthcare Plans and/or Insurance coverage
  • Deployment (upgrading of information and follow-up tools, etc.)