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As a September 2019 study from the House Ways and Means Committee has shown, prices for medicines are disproportionately higher in the USA than in any other high-income country. The rebate rate to US prices required to match list prices in these other countries would be for example: 71.6% for Canada, 76% for UK and 77.6% for France, on average.

In July 2020, an executive order was signed with the purpose of expanding the personal importation for “safe access to lower-cost imported prescription drugs” for individual American patients “if it does not appear to present an additional risk to public safety.”

During the signature ceremony it was made clear by US high ranking officials that Canadian and foreign drugs where exactly the same than those sold in the USA, coming sometimes from the same plant; the only real difference is the price, really cheaper.

That is why we are confident that our Mail Order program anticipated this extension of the law and safely meets a need of the American People: we are providing drugs from brick and mortar pharmacies located in Canada, UK and other European Countries (referred to as “Tier One Countries” by the American Congress since 2003). All medications provided through the Care2care program are FDA approved, delivered in the originally sealed packaging from the manufacturer, and sourced from tier-one countries; therefore qualifying as “no additional risk” for patients.


  • Our program partners provide a wide range of prescription maintenance medications

  • The patient has access to a secure, HIPAA compliant, user-friendly platform

  • They register the first time then and safely access online for the following uses

  • Prescription is uploaded on the platform

  • It is reviewed by licensed pharmacists and dispatched to the relevant MD

  • A chat option with both doctor and pharmacy is available in the portal

  • Medications are then shipped to the personal address entered in the patient profile

  • Delivery usually takes less than 2 weeks and is guaranteed within 28 days

  • The package includes up to a 90-day supply (the maximum authorized by US regulations on personal drugs importation programs.). Restrictions may apply

  • Savings delivered are huge: around 70% on the average formulary, often much more for some very specific Specialty drugs!

Our programs address the needs of both group plan participants and individuals

  • We work with self insured employers and their Workforce

  • Individuals and Medicare participants can as well easily benefit

What is a Mail-Order Program and why use it?

Specialty drugs are far more affordable outside the US. (Products are exactly the same since many medicines sold in the US are in fact produced outside of the U.S.). Once the best fitted formulary is designed in conjunction with the employer based on pharmacy claims history, the employees can order their drugs via our patient portal.

The order will be reviewed by a Doctor, to ensure there is no medical problem. One of our qualified pharmacist partners will then dispense the medications and ship them via express mail directly to the patient who will receive them within a couple of weeks.


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